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All businesses within Syracuse City require a business license, unless operated by a business owner under the age of 18. Please direct all questions and concerns to our Business License Official.

For assistance in registering with all other applicable state agencies, please visit the  State of Utah's OneStop Business Registration System. Syracuse City is not partnered with OneStop at this time, and requires business license registration directly through our Business License Department.

All businesses must also register with the Davis County Assessor's office. You may do so using this form. Please email the completed form to the Business License Official; you may also choose to submit the form directly to the Davis County Assessor and email confirmation of submission to the Business License Official.

Register a Commercial Business

Regulations regarding business licensing can be found in Syracuse City Code Chapter 5. Once you've filed your application, we'll contact you for payment of a $100-$350 annual licensing fee; the licensing fee is calculated based on the square footage of your commercial space.

Register a Home Business

Regulations regarding all business licensing can be found in Syracuse City Code Chapter 5. Your business will be either classified as a minor home occupation or major home as defined in Syracuse City Code 10.35.040

A minor home occupation license is free of charge. A major home occupation must be approved by the Planning Commission; it costs $270 to apply and $100 annually thereafter.

Renew an Existing Business License

Please renew all business licenses by December 31st annually. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of your business license and will result in the following fines on top of the annual renewal fee:

Late renewal fees for home businesses:

  • Late renewal in February: $50 
  • Late renewal in March: $75 
  • Late renewal April or later: $100 

Late renewal fees for all other businesses:

  • Late renewal in February: 50% of your renewal fee
  • Late renewal in March: 75% of your renewal fee
  • Late renewal April or later: 100% of your renewal fee

Solicitation Door-to-Door

Persons disseminating information regarding religious or political positions and charitable organizations are exempt from solicitor registration requirements. All others engaged in door-to-door solicitation must be registered with the City. Further guidelines may be found in Syracuse City Code 5.30.

To apply for a solicitor certificate of registration, please submit a Solicitor License Application, a $100 application fee, and the application materials listed below to the Business License Official via mail, email, or in person at City Hall.

Required application materials:

Special Business Types

Please contact our Business License Official for assistance with registering businesses related to the following categories:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Food Truck
  • Sexually Oriented
  • Temporary Commercial