Secondary Water

Irrigation Services

Syracuse City provides an irrigation water service to it’s residents. All new secondary laterals are one inch and include meters. Most homes built prior to 2019 have access to a 3/4 inch secondary water line. If you would like to upgrade to a 1 inch secondary line, please fill out the papers at City Hall. There is a fee for this service.

Secondary Water Valves

A city-owned secondary water valve is usually placed in the park-strip in close proximity to the property line. This valve is provided as a point of connection for the resident. Tampering with any City owned utility is strictly prohibited. (Ordinance 4.25.150) Residents need to install an additional valve in close proximity to the Cities valve, in order to maintain their system. Because the water is untreated, we recommend that a filter be placed just after the residents shut off valve.

When you have installed your sprinkler system, and are ready for the water to be turned on, please call our office at 801-825-7235, and we will be happy to turn it on for you. 

Secondary water lines are filled mid-April, and will be turned off in October. Please allow a few days for the lines to fill, and to achieve full pressure.

Wasting Water

Wasting water is prohibited (Ordinance. 4-25-130). We encourage you to check your own system periodically for leaks or broken heads and to talk to your neighbors to notify them of overwatering.


If you notice any leaks that are not from your own sprinkler system, please call the Public Works Department at 801-825-7235.