Identity Theft

Identity theft is a rapidly growing problem in today’s world. The anonymity involved in this type of crime makes it very attractive to criminals. Moreover, these types of cases are often times difficult to investigate due to several factors.

Syracuse Police Department is dedicated to investigating any case that falls within our jurisdiction. However, due to the very nature of this crime, we are often faced with jurisdictional issues that preclude us from investigating a given case.

The following list of resources will help you in our efforts to educate, prevent, and resolve cases surrounding identity theft and fraud. Please read the following information to help guide you in determining the best way to report your situation.

-Identity theft/fraud is taking place in part or completely in Syracuse City limits, Syracuse Police Department will have jurisdiction over the case. Please contact the Department at 801-825-4400 and an officer will assist you.

-Identity theft/fraud taking place outside of Syracuse City, but within the State of Utah, contact the local agency where the theft/fraud took place. Also, contact the Utah Attorney General to report the theft. The following link will direct you to the Utah Attorney General’s website:

-Any other type of Internet based fraud or theft, visit the Internet Crime Complaint Center at This organization will get your complaint to the appropriate law enforcement agency for action.

Prevention Tips

  • Collect your mail every day and place a hold on your mail when you leave town
  • Monitor accounts and watch for unauthorized transactions
  • Review your credit reports once a year to ensure all accounts in your name are accurate
  • Shred credit offers, bank receipts/statements, and anything with personal information
  • Pay attention to your billing cycles
  • Do not share PIN numbers or account information

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a list of tips and strategies to help protect you from becoming a victim of identity theft. Additionally, their site contains resources for you to use in the event you have your information compromised. The following link will take you to this information and can guide you in this process:

There are many services and resources out there to help protect your information. These services and resources help monitor credit history, financial accounts, and aid in notifying you of suspicious activity. The following link provides information on a few different services:

Syracuse Police Department is not affiliated with any of these companies or services. These are merely suggestions and ideas to aid you in protecting yourself. This is not an exhaustive list and know there are many other services that can assist you in similar ways.