Jim's Sports Center

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Jim's Sports Center, also known at one point as the Syracuse Cafe, was a popular fixture in the community as a local hangout spot and meeting ground for several decades. Owned by Jim Rentmeister, who operated the location for 32 years, the Sports Center had a diner that specialized in custom hamburgers and malted milkshakes; for these three decades, Jim and his wife Jerry were at the grill every day from 8 am to 12 PM, serving up breakfasts and lunches for the community. 

In the back of the Sports Center, Jim had installed pinball machines and a pool table for guests to relax and enjoy; however, by 1979, the back room had become so full of sports equipment in storage that its use as a pool room faded out. 

Many long-time Syracuse locals have fond memories of playing the games, chatting with friends, and enjoying a good meal at the Sports Center. In fact, from the 1960s through the 1980s, Jim’s Sports Center was a community staple for pheasant hunting. On the opening day of pheasant season, everyone would gather at Jim's for breakfast before going out hunting. They would return for lunch and enjoy telling stories of their hunts while restocking their shotgun shells and playing pool. After relaxing and restocking, it was back to hunting. The same pattern would come again when duck season started up.