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Planning Commission Packet 2/18/2020


February 18, 2020 Planning Commission Public Hearings

  1. 2-18-2020.pdf

Planning Commission Agenda 2/18/2020

Regular Meeting
  1. Meeting Called to Order

       ·   Invocation or Thought by Commissioner Gallegos                       

       ·   Pledge of Allegiance by Commissioner Johnson

       ·   Adoption of Meeting Agenda

  1. Meeting Minutes
  • None ready for approval.

  1. Public Comment, this is an opportunity to address the Planning Commission regarding items not scheduled for a public hearing on this agenda. Please consider others and limit your comments to three minutes.

  1. Administrative Item – Request of D.R. Horton Homes for a 38-lot final subdivision plat called Criddle North Phase 3 located at 975 South 4000 West in the R-3 Zone.
  2. Public Hearing – Request of Syracuse City for amendments to section 10.20 of the Syracuse City Code removing ordinances related to the closing of the General Plan.
  3. Adjourn
Work Session

1.     Department Business

  1. City Council Liaison Report
  2. City Attorney Updates
  3. Upcoming Agenda Items
    1. Amendments to the Mixed-Use Ordinance.
    2. Amendments to the Accessory Building Ordinance regulating detached accessory dwellings.

2.     Discussion Items

  1. Discussion of implementation of City Code Section 3.10.040 relating to the writing of acts and recommendations of the Planning Commission to the City Council.

3.     Commissioner Reports

4.     Adjourn