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Notice of Public Hearing


The Syracuse Planning Commission will hold public hearings on Tuesday, July 7, 2020 during a 
regularly scheduled meeting beginning at 6 pm digitally at 
or by phone at +1 312 626 6799 meeting ID: 839 6780 8144 regarding the following matters:

Creation of New Storage Unit Zone

Public comments will be accepted electronically at PlanningDepartm or physically 
(by mail) at 1979 West 1900 South, Syracuse, Utah 84075 any time prior to the meeting. Comments 
received will be read for a maximum of three (3) minutes each and any unread remainder of any 
comments will be included in the public record.

All related documents are available for public review in the Community Development Department and 
the City website.  All interested parties are welcome to attend and provide comments.

  1. 7-7-2020.pdf

July 7, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

Syracuse City
Planning Commission Meeting July 7, 2020
Begins at 6:00 p.m. at the link in the note at the bottom of this agenda. Please see this note for 
phone participation information.

Regular Meeting Agenda

1.  Meeting Called to Order
•  Invocation or Thought by Commissioner Johnson
•  Pledge of Allegiance by Commissioner Gallegos
•  Adoption of Meeting Agenda
2.  Meeting Minutes
•  February 4, 2020 Regular Meeting and Work Session
3. Public Comment, this is an opportunity to address the Planning Commission regarding items not 
scheduled for a public hearing on this agenda. Please consider others and limit your comments to 
three minutes.
4.  Continuation – General Plan Map Amendment from Low-Density Residential to Commercial,
3.95 acres located at approx. 3500 West 1700 South
5.  Continuation – Rezone Request from R-1 to Neighborhood Services, 3.95 acres located at approx. 3500 West 1700 South
6.  Continuation – Proposed Text Amendment to §10.90.020 Permitted Uses
7.  Public Hearing – Creation of a New Storage Unit Zone
8.  Adjourn

Work Session
1.   Department Business
a.   City Council Liaison Report
b.   City Attorney Updates
c.   Upcoming Agenda Items
2.   Discussion Items
3.   Commissioner Reports
4.   Adjourn

Public meeting will be held electronically Pursuant to Section 52-4-207(4) of the Utah Code. No 
physical meeting location will be available. Connect to the meeting using: Meeting ID: 839 6780 8144. Connect via telephone: +1-301-715-8592 US Meeting ID: 839 6780 8144. Individuals wishing to provide public comment are encouraged to do so by submitting an email to CED Director Noah Steele,, by 5:00 p.m. on July 6, 2020. Comments submitted by the deadline will be read for the record of the 

Meetings of the Syracuse Planning Commission may be conducted via electronic means pursuant to Utah Code Ann. §52-4-207. In such circumstances, contact will be established and maintained via electronic means and the meeting will be conducted pursuant to the Rules, Policies and Procedures established by the Governing Body for electronic meetings.

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July 7, 2020 Planning Commission Packet