Why didn't my street get plowed sooner?

A:  For a large storm (four inches deep or more), Public Works crews begin plowing when roads become covered with snow. Most often, this occurs in the middle of the night. Because each road requires a snow plow to complete approximately 6 passes to push the snow to the curb, it will take the entire public works crew a minimum of 16 hours to complete the over 100 miles of streets in Syracuse. This time increases when the duration of storms continues for longer periods of time. The snow plow fleet typically travels a combined distance of over 600 miles throughout the city to clear all city streets. As growth occurs with additional miles of city streets added to our network, the time to complete snow plowing increases by six times for each mile using the same number of plows and plow drivers.

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1. Why didn't my street get plowed sooner?
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