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Training Request Form

  1. This section is to be filled our by the employee. Itinerary must be attached.
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  3. Pay By
  4. Per Diem in State
  5. Number of Meals Times $10
  6. Number of Meals Times $14
  7. Number of Meals Times $18
  8. Per Diem Out of State
  9. Number of Meals Times $10
  10. Number of Meals Times $14
  11. Number of Meals Times $22
  12. Mileage Claimed
  13. Number of Miles Times $0.58
  14. Please note that a one week notice is required for Per Diem. The form needs to be filled out and approved by your Supervisor/Department head before any arrangements or checks will be issued. Please allow appropriate time. All arrangements for per diem, travel, training, etc. will be made by your Supervisor.

    If any changes are made to the request after submitted to accounts payable you will be required to foot the bill and then submit receipts later. Please keep in mind that reimbursements will be paid in a timely manner and no requests will be expedited.
  15. Training Itinerary Must Be Attached to This Form
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